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Social Media Guarantees

Every day I speak to people who are skeptical about utilizing Social Media for their business, and want iron clad guarantees and ROI. They are challenged justifying a modest monthly investment for a dedicated social media manager to create content, provide strategy and post on the appropriate channels. I remembered an article I read from […]

Are you REALLY being effective on Social Media?

Did you know, according to Harvard Business Review, few companies rate their social media strategy as successful? Plus only 12% of businesses feel that they are using Social Media effectively? Yet approximately 70% of businesses are using Social Media. Here’s another statistic: only 12% percent of companies are using a dedicated Social Media Manager. Do […]

Graduates Are You Protecting Your Online Personal Brand?

Graduates Are You Protecting Your Online Personal Brand? 10 Tips to Get You Started the Right Way! Create Relevant Professional Profiles Build compelling, professional profiles for yourself that include your professional job history. LinkedIn is an obvious place for such a profile, but Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, are great as well! These profiles should demonstrate […]

How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile 1. Your Name. This is your first impression so keep it simple and clutter free. Don’t add any acronyms and credentials to it. Keep it clear and concise. And ALWAYS use your personal name, not the name of your company. 2. Picture. Have a simple headshot, preferably of […]

Growing Your Business Through Social Media

This is an article I originally wrote for Buy Michigan Now.  It can be found at: Your Business Through Social Media Let’s face it social media is here to stay.  If you are a small or medium size business, you and your marketing department are juggling all the other things you have to do […]

What’s NEW with Facebook?

Over the past couple weeks we have seen major changes announced with Facebook.  Most of them are wrapped around fun Facebook Apps and Facebook features! Riff – Collaborative Video APP Inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, which saw tons of videos of people taking the cold plunge for charity Facebook goes directly after the […]

Hire the RIGHT Social Media Company!

There’s probably no doubt in your mind that social media should be a major part of your marketing strategy. But how does your company approach social media? Are you still designating one or two interns to just “handle it”? Or have you just put your head in the sand and are secretly hoping social media […]

Simply Social Media in the News!

Julie Van Ameyde President of Simply Social Media named Ambassador of the Year The Livonia Chamber’s Ambassador of the Year – for the chamber’s leading volunteer – is Julie Van Ameyde, who owns and operates the marketing and social media consulting company, Simply Social Media. Over the past year, she has been omnipresent as an […]

As We Look Into Our Crystal Ball – Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2015

Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2015

Companies advertising on Facebook will increase, and so will the price… Here’s a look into the Simply Social Media Crystal Ball at the Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2015: Companies advertising on Facebook will increase, and so will the price… Facebook has warned us repeatedly in 2014 that organic post reach will continue to […]

Why Simply Social Media?

THE INTERNET IS GETTING CROWDED Social media is changing the way that people do business. As of January 2014, 74% of adults who are online are also using social networking sites. Your customers are probably part of that demographic, and that number will only grow. As technology becomes more mobile, accessible and intuitive, social media […]

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