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About Julie

Social Media Manager & Consultant

It’s been said, “You are what you share.” No one knows that better than social media manager & consultant, Julie Van Ameyde.

As the President of Michigan based Simply Social Media LLC., Julie’s imaginative vision has helped businesses throughout the Midwest create, shape and successfully share their brands through on-line marketing.

With over 25 years of business development and marketing experience, Julie and her team know all too well how challenging the world of social media can be.

"I work with so many business owners who tell me that they know they need to use social media to reach target customers to increase profitability. But, they don’t have the expertise or the time to make it work for them.

Simply Social Media takes the mystery out of IT. We show companies how social media can help them work smarter; not harder,” says Van Ameyde.

Julie and Simply Social Media

Simply Social Media: Social Media & Reputation Management Consultant

Now as the owner of Simply Social Media, Julie puts her combined knowledge of social media platforms and experience as a veteran business owner to work for clients in a myriad of vertical markets.

Those vertical markets include social media for:

  • law firms and lawyers
  • doctors and medical practices
  • car dealers and dealerships
  • finance and financial advisors
  • technology
  • manufacturing and industry
  • retail, and
  • service-based organizations

In addition, she contributes considerable time and energy to civic outreach programs, as well as community and charity groups.

In today's confusing and over saturated, social media culture, it’s important to send the right message, to the right customers at the right time. Julie Van Ameyde and her team at Simply Social Media LLC. know how to do that for their clients, giving them a gateway to success.

If you are looking for a Social Media Consultant, Social Media Trainer, Social Media Manager or Social Media Speaker please contact Julie.

Simply Social Media is located in Northville, Michigan a suburb of Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan.

Social Media Manager and Social Media Consultant

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