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Attract New Clients For Your Car Dealership With Social Media

Using a healthy mix of content types on social media can help your car dealership capture customers in every part of their sales journey.

Community polls and fun photos can draw in people who may be new to your business, while content about lease specials and current seasonal events can attract customers who are ready to buy. Staff features and photos of community events can even help you stay top-of-mind for past customers.

And remember, keeping your social posts varied can also help you stand out against your competition across town.

Whatever your goals are, it’s important to write them down and keep them tangible. You will need to develop your social media strategy around what you’re ultimately trying to achieve.

For example, if you’re trying to increase brand awareness, one of the elements of your strategy might be paid advertising on Facebook or Twitter—where you encourage users to like your page.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to get more people to come to your website, you could link to resources (articles, calculators, interactive assessments) that your audience might find useful.

According to social media expert Jay Baer, 42% of consumers who complain over social media expect a response time of 60 minutes or less.

Obviously, not all of your customers will be complaining, but the concept is valid for customers who have questions as well. The sooner you’re able to respond to a prospect (or even a current customer), the better. Rapid service online is valuable to new prospective customers.

When people visit a website, chances are good that they’re looking for instant gratification. If you can’t supply your customers with what they need in a short amount of time, they’re likely going to move on to someone who will.

Never leave someone hanging—especially if they’re coming directly to you for information.

Communicate with customers on your website, Facebook page, and via text message—89% of consumers prefer messaging versus phone or email conversations.

Reach your customers how they want to be reached with artificial intelligence–powered messaging. More than a mode of communication, AI-powered chat that ideally includes actual sales and service “assistants” will allow you to highlight hot deals to move inventory off your lot, schedule service and sales appointments, communicate with car buyers shopping on Facebook Marketplace, and respond to customers via text message—including those who contact you from Google’s Text My Business feature.

AI-powered bots ask and respond to questions, then route the conversations to the right employee for quick and easy follow-up when needed. Your dealership will generate more qualified leads, accelerate sales, and improve customer service with intelligent messaging—while your top employees focus on the in-person buyers.

If you want more followers, you’ll need to look at progress from the backend. How many followers have you gained over the last few months?

If you want to increase engagement, you’ll need to see how many likes, comments, and clicks your posts received.

You can leverage programs like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer to get these analytics all in one place—or, you can go into the analytics sections of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and check manually.

Better yet, give Simply Social Media a call and we can do all of this for you professionally. Call us at Simply Social Media: 248-773-7110.

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