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Are you REALLY being effective on Social Media?

Did you know, according to Harvard Business Review, few companies rate their social media strategy as successful? Plus only 12% of businesses feel that they are using Social Media effectively? Yet approximately 70% of businesses are using Social Media. Here’s another statistic: only 12% percent of companies are using a dedicated Social Media Manager. Do you think it’s a coincidence that 12% use a Social Media Manager, and 12% feel they are using Social Media successfully?

Think of it this way, if you have a dream prospect that you want to land as a customer, and you have the chance to connect with them, whom would you want as your spokesperson? What would you want them to say about your business and the benefits of partnering with you? You need to look at your social media manager in the same way. If you would want your best salesperson to be your spokesperson, you want Simply Social Media.

Simply Social Media offers real world business and marketing knowledge coupled with advanced social media knowledge. This unique blend allows us to help you create the strong online presence you desire. We pride ourselves on working with our clients in the fashion they most prefer. From providing you with training or a written social strategy for you to implement yourself, to working alongside you in a coaching or consulting capacity, to completely handling your social media for you, we easily adapt our services and how we work to fit your unique need.

Simply Social Media is located in Northville, Michigan.  Give us a call at 248-667-8718.

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