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What is Cyber-Bullying, How Do You Recognize It and How Do You Stop It?

We are already seeing back to school advertisements for school clothes and supplies. The majority of children are looking forward to going back to school in September to renew their friendships and participate in sports and other activities. Some students however are dreading the thought of returning to school. These are the children that for […]

Make Yelp and other review sites work for you!

Simply Social Media Services You have put your heart and soul into your business, invested every dime of your life savings and although bad reviews break your heart when you see them on Yelp or Facebook there is a way to turn your heartache into a positive note.  Immediately answer the post, apologize that they […]

Vacation Social Media Safety

Don’t let your social media behavior during vacation put you, your family and your home at risk by following these tips! Many of us travel during the summer months and trust me burglars know it.   Plus, in some cases not all of our family members join us on our trips; perhaps a college student […]

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