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How NOT to Use Social Media for Lawyers

One of the most important lessons you can learn from this guide is how not to use social media as an attorney. You must practice good social media hygiene to reap its benefits and protect your reputation. Here are some things you shouldn’t do.

Be fake.

To communicate your law firm’s brand effectively, you need to be authentic. There’s no need to force a voice or tone on social that isn’t you. If you aren’t known for being funny, avoid it. Stay true to yourself.

Feed the trolls.

You may receive comments from people who simply want to stir up trouble. In the social media world, we call these trolls, and it’s best to ignore them. Remember, don’t argue or fight online. Should you need to have a conversation, do so behind the scenes and in a civil manner.

Forget to apologize quickly and completely.

Should you say something you shouldn’t or post something controversial, apologize quickly and completely. Mistakes are human and owning up to them will build trust between you and your audience.

Try to build a presence on every social media platform.

You don’t need a presence on every platform. This is a surefire way to experience burnout. Choose the platforms your ideal clients use. As a beginner, it’s okay to start with one channel and build up over time.

Use social media as a billboard instead of a place to connect.

Your social media accounts shouldn’t be a billboard of promotional content. Instead, use your platforms to chat and connect with your audience. Answer their questions and alleviate their fears.

Post every once in a while.

Social media isn’t a post once a month game. You must be consistent to make waves. If you can’t make it happen, consider outsourcing your social media efforts to an agency or working with a contractor who can help.

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