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Social Media for Law Firms

At Simply Social Media we are passionate about helping law firms and attorneys utilize social media successfully!

Social media marketing is an opportunity for you to connect with your clients like never before.

Your social media presence is becoming too important to ignore.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms, Lawyers and Attorneys

Social Media for Law Firms

At Simply Social Media we are passionate about helping law firms and attorneys utilize social media successfully!

Social media marketing is an opportunity for you to connect with your clients like never before.

Your social media presence is becoming too important to ignore.

Every time a person puts a search in their computer, they receive thousands – even millions of websites to choose from.

Search engines constantly gather and rate every single click every user chooses in order to provide them with the most relevant options to their inquiry. Your computer knows not just who you are, but where you are and what you have liked in the past.

All of that information is kept in order to provide you with search results that best match your personal circumstances. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner, you do not want a company that is in a different state or even a different zip code if you can manage that.

Many businesses are listed on the web according to the user’s information and previous choices; however, many businesses also participate in search engine optimization strategies that boost them to the top of the queue in the search engine, giving them more opportunity to be the first choice.

Part of the search engine optimization algorithm is calculated by how many people visit your webpage, how long they stay, and how often your content is refreshed. The higher these numbers, the higher your webpage goes in the online queue.

Social Media for Attorneys and Lawyers

Simply Social Media can create a successful content marketing strategy for your law firm.

Should Lawyers Use Social Media?

Absolutely, lawyers should use social media—and for many reasons.
Here are a few:

Build Your Brand

Your clients are spending some serious time on social media.

Worldwide social media usage was predicted to exceed 4 billion users by 2018, there’s a big chance that your customers are already interacting online.

Around 3.8 billion people currently use social media. These people spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social every single day.

Plus, around 54% of consumers use social media to perform research prior to making a purchase. Before a potential client decides to reach out to you, they’re looking at your social media.

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Furthermore, 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a business on social media will recommend the business to friends and family. Talk about the positive effects of word of mouth.

The Sprout Social 2019 Index found that 44% of consumers have reported an increase in personal social media usage. So, a strong social presence helps you get your message in front of the right audience and increase brand awareness.
These stats communicate one message: if you don’t have a social media presence, you’re missing out on critical leads and referrals for your firm. It’s time to get on board.

There are many benefits to promoting your law firm on social media. For example, by showing up on social, you can:

  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Reach potential clients
  • Increase networking opportunities
  • Stay hip and up-to-date to a range of generations and pertinent topics in your field

To take advantage of these benefits, there are a few steps to take to properly promote your law firm in a way that stays true to your brand and makes the most of your platform.

Increase Loyalty

If you want to showcase your legal services to potential clients, it’s time to get social.

Social Media Partner for Attorneys & Law Firms

As an attorney, it’s understandable to have your doubts about social media. It may also seem a bit overwhelming at first. But, with a bit of planning and by focusing on one platform at a time, you can use social media to your firm’s advantage. Simply Social Media can help you no matter where you are in this process. Call us at 248-773-7110.

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Okay, in all seriousness, social media is not just a place to show off authority in your industry in the legal world. It can also be a crucial place to engage with your established and potential clients. As law firms directly communicate with the communities they serve, social media becomes a natural way to reach specific people in need and acquire new clients.

There are many benefits to using social media for your law firm. The first benefit to using social media is the way that social media makes lawyers more approachable. In a field where communication is key, it is crucial to connect with potential clients.

Clients need to open up and trust you with their financial, emotional and personal struggles which are all sensitive topics! Setting yourself up as an approachable, trustworthy, and caring lawyer can take you from 1 to 10 quickly!

There are hundreds of social media platforms out there. Yet, there are only a select few that are best for attorneys looking to grow their firms. We can help you get started. Call us at Simply Social Media: 248-773-7110.

Attract New Clients

Social media is highly effective for law firms to attract new clients.

The American Bar Association found that 35% of lawyers who use social media professionally have been able to gain new clients as a result. Additionally, 49% of respondents in the previously cited Attorney at Work survey have also been able to get new clients through social media.

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Customer Service

People use social media.

Not just to connect with their friends and relatives but also to consume content and engage with brands. This makes it a valuable platform to engage your target audience and turn them into prospects. You could use social media to provide them with informative and engaging content, answer their questions, resolve their issues and more. Become their “go-to” resource and earn their trust.


The use of social media among independent attorneys and law firms is becoming increasingly popular.

We know because we have many law firm clients.

In fact, 96% of respondents in an Attorney at Work survey say that they use social media. And 70% use it as part of their overall marketing strategy.

That said, some law firms may still be struggling to use social media effectively. This could be a huge missed opportunity as effective social media marketing for law firms can help you attract prospective clients and build valuable connections.

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One of the reasons why social media has been effective for attracting prospective clients is because it helps you showcase your expertise. You can use it to share valuable information that will help you prove your credibility and win the trust of your target audience.

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Play the Game...

...and Know the Details

  1. Get the basics right
  2. Share original graphics with useful facts and stats
  3. Monitor conversations around your firm
  4. Create informative YouTube videos
  5. Share valuable blog posts and news updates
  6. Respond to comments and queries
  7. Tell your brand story

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If you’re sick of all the jokes about lawyers being “cold, unapproachable and dry”, social media is the place to change all that!

Again, this is all very valuable information, but consider handing off the entire social media process to the experts at Simply Social and have everything professionally handled for you. Your goal is to make money. Simply Social Media is familiar with the sticky spots in the industry and in the social media world and can give you a better result without the trial and error. Contact us today!