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Why Simply Social Media?


Social media is changing the way that people do business. As of January 2014, 74% of adults who are online are also using social networking sites. Your customers are probably part of that demographic, and that number will only grow. As technology becomes more mobile, accessible and intuitive, social media networking is the preferred “grab-and-go snack” that everyone wants to consume. This is where humanity chooses to “hang out”online. Don’t wait for them to eventually find your website. Go meet them where they hang out!


As the Millennial generation (18 to 33 years old) becomes the larger percentage of the income earners, the number of online views and transactions will only increase. Upcoming generations will make online sharing in social networks a lifelong habit. And everyone is beginning to clamor for their attention, their money and their loyalty. Whether you know it or not, you are already competing on a global basis with others in your business niche. Do you have a strategy for remaining on your customers’ radar when they are offered so many other choices? How do you plan to attract new customers in the deafening online din?


Consider this: You might invest in Adwords and pay-per-click advertising, but what businesses really need and strive for is a relationship with their customers and clients. Relationship sales and customer service are the meat and potatoes of repeat customers and referrals. In the landscape of online advertising, social media is the only marketing tool that can truly offer a platform for a relationship between the customer and business owner. Simply Social Media understands the power and value of your relationships with your customers, and we build on that foundation.


Do you really exist or not? In a world where anyone can create a website and accept a payment online, consumers are wary of fly-by-night internet business scams. They want to know who you are, who you have done business with and where you are geographically located. Social media provides a low impact,informational and friendly arena where customers can get to know a company, and decide to engage with them once they trust that the business is established, it offers expertise and value. Your social media presence gives a “brick-and-mortar” feel to your business, giving potential customers a strong sense that you exist to serve them and you will not “evaporate” into the ether world of the web with their money and/or personal information. Simply Social Media will help you lay the groundwork for that trust.


A solid and consistent online presence is now a mandatory part of business. Social media platforms are more and more becoming the vital element in establishing trust, relevance and gaining clients. Social media is where friends, family and professionals exchange information and share knowledge. Customers who freely choose to share your content offer a powerful (and free) recommendation and endorsement of your product or service. In the changing landscape of today’s economy, digital proximity to your customers is required for survival.


Customers now expect to find you online and available to interact with them. Responsiveness is a big determinant in whether someone will do business with you. Availability and interacting with viewers and customers is the gold standard for online customer service. Chatting and messaging are routine, and quickly engaging with your followers, answering their questions and creating updates on social media sites translates to ROI. People are loyal to those who they believe are available and attentive to their needs.


The new platform economy is saddled to the spectacular unbridled network capacity of the social media infrastructure. Social media views do not spread in a linear fashion. It is an instant, global, exponential and three-dimensional phenomenon. Nothing we have ever experienced has been so comprehensive in the breadth and depth of its reach. It is explosive and revolutionary. The value of social platforms lies in the network reach of information. YouTube and Pinterest content are passed along via Facebook and Twitter, and content is liked, shared and retweeted multiple times over. Social network highways intersect with high frequency and feed off of each other. A single message can be visible to hundreds and thousands of eyes in a matter of minutes. That is the meteoric power of social media.


Knowing how to leverage that power and get that kind of visibility with a relevant audience is what we do. Social media networking is our profession and our passion. We have a deep understanding of the platforms and how to engage the unique features and benefits of each one for your specific business. Simply Social Media can reach and appeal to your customers in this crowded, noisy online world.

Julie Van Ameyde is the owner of Simply Social Media. She puts her combined knowledge of social media platforms and best practices as a veteran business owner to work for clients in a myriad of vertical markets, including law, medicine, finance, technology, manufacturing, retail and service-based organizations. In addition, she contributes considerable time and energy to civic outreach programs, as well as community and charity groups. Contact Julie at: 248-667-8718 or

Simply Social Media is located in Northville, Michigan a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

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